Industries Served


VIASANT and our senior project personnel have a deep and diversified experience with many of the country’s largest utilities. From large scale remediation of former MGP sites to the complete decontamination, demolition and remediation of PCB impacted natural gas compressor stations, VIASANT has established itself as one of the premier suppliers of these important services to utility companies throughout the country.


VIASANT has continuously delivered exceptional services to many of the nation’s largest chemical manufacturers. Our suite of services allows chemical plants to contract with one entity for a complete turnkey solution. VIASANT provides personnel experienced in executing high-risk work in active chemical plants as well as the capabilities to address asset retirement and legacy site close out activities. Our experience, high quality workmanship and outstanding safety record make the choice easy for our clients.

Oil & Gas

From working in the oil fields to decommissioning an oil refinery, VIASANT can self-perform remediation, demolition and dismantlement services nationwide. Major petroleum and gas producing companies require innovative, cost effective solutions while mandating an accident free work environment. VIASANT’s record in both areas is a perfect fit as we continue to grow safely.

Mining & Minerals

VIASANT has a strong background with earth moving and material handling projects while self-performing complex remediation scopes of work. Additionally, we have performed treatability studies, treated thousands of tons of soil impacted with heavy metals and have successfully performed stabilization/solidification services at numerous sites – both private sector industrial sites as well as Superfund (CERCLA) sites.


Manufacturing: This market segment is an ideal candidate for our Mixed Services Model (MSM). As manufacturing clients take antiquated assets out of service, there is typically a decontamination, demolition, and remediation component to successfully accomplish this. From process decommissioning to retiring an entire facility, VIASANT can self-perform all phases of the work safely and cost effectively.