VIASANT delivers selective dismantlement and environmental demolition services for industrial clientele nationwide.  Our work includes the safe performance of these services in legacy sites and active plant environments.  Requiring a much higher standard of care and dedication to environmental health and safety, VIASANT personnel work directly with plant EH&S and operations management to develop a safe approach to the planned demolition work to minimize potential impacts to production.  Detailed schedules and work plans are provided and cutting edge software is employed that produce highly accurate three-dimensional (3D) renderings of critical lifts and other key tasks enabling our clients to visualize the work prior to implementation.

Demolition and Dismantlement

  • Structural/Total Facility Demolition
  • Selective Dismantling and Controlled Demolition
  • Active Facilities – Chemical, Refinery, Manufacturing
  • Process Piping and Vessel Removal
  • Power Plants
  • Investment & Asset Recovery
  • Waste Segregation and Management


Demolition Projects

  • Former Sulfuric Acid Plant – North-East

    • Demolition of a Sulfuric Acid Storage Tank Farm, tank dikes, and a distribution system
    • Demolition performed with 35-ton excavators
    • Removal of three separate Rail Road spurs
    • Managed waste through transfer stations and recycling facilitie
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  • Chemical Manufacturing Plant – South-West

    • Decommissioned and demolished Sodium Bichromate processing rotary hearth and associated structures
    • Hex Chromium contamination
    • Steel asset recovery management
    • Collected, filtered and transferred decontamination rinsate and dust suppression water to site waste water treatment facility
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  • Steel Manufacturing Plant – South-East

    • Demolished a Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) plant
    • ACM and universal waste abatement
    • Control dropped a 200’ tall refractory furnace
    • Placement of an earthen dike along the impact zone
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  • SRP Site – Mid-West

    • Decontaminated and demolished former industrial dry cleaning chemicals site
    • Large scale ACM abatement and the collection of universal wastes
    • Removal of concrete/asphalt over impacted soil areas
    • On-site segregation of C&D materials
    • Cleaning and removal of 2 UST’s
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