VIASANT has the required resources, expertise and experience to properly execute the implementation of environmental remedial activities for a diverse range of clientele. Soil excavation, waste materials management and site restoration activities are common themes and central components to a number of the environmental remediation projects in VIASANT’s portfolio.  Whether soil and sediment remediation in challenging conditions, onsite treatment programs for heavy metal impacted wastes or consolidation and capping services, VIASANT has successfully managed complex environmental and construction management activities for its clients.

Environmental Remediation

  • Excavation and Source Removal
  • In-situ/Ex-situ Stabilization & Solidification
  • Chemical Fixation Technologies
  • Slurry Walls and Permeable Reactive Barriers
  • Ground Water Remediation
  • Sediment/Wetlands Remediation and Restoration
  • Repository and Containment Construction
  • Landfill Capping and Closure
  • Residential Remediation
  • MGP Site Remediation



Site Remediation Projects

  • Former Paint Sludge Site – New York State

    • Wood chips utilized for bedding of material storage area and along access road in lieu of imported stone
    • Large boulders segregated, broken and decontaminated for future use
    • Restoration features included wildlife habitats, rock outcrops, and natural features along stream banks
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  • Landfill Cap/Closure Project – Midwest

    • Vegetative cap included seeding, mulching and installation of erosion control blanket
    • Concrete Cap included installation of rebar for reinforcement, pouring of concrete in place, and surface finishing
    • Support tasks included surveying, dust control, air monitoring, traffic management, access road installation, settlement plate installation, testing of geosynthetics
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  • Former Manufactured Gas Plant Site – North East

    • Demolished a single-story CMU public building and concrete slab
    • 75 GPM temporary water treatment system designed, installed, and maintained by VIASANT
    • Installation of one to three rows of 40 to 60 feet long SS175 and SS200 Chance Helical Tiebacks with C10x25 dual-channel waler for structural support)
    • Perimeter sheet pile wall system for earth retention support
    • Removal and sizing of three historic concrete holders and a purifying house
    • Dewatering and treatment of over 850,000 gallons of benzene-impacted water
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  • Former Manufactured Gas Plant Site – New Jersey

    • Design and installation of a steel sheet pile coffer dam shoring system
    • Temporary water treatment system was also designed, installed, and maintained by VIASANT
    • Wetlands access and haul roads construction
    • Conditioning with Calciment® reagent within a temporary fabric structure (TFS) with vapor management system (VMS)
    • Soil-cement-bentonite (SCB) slurry wall installed with a One-Pass trencher system
    • Installation of  five (5) extraction/production wells tied into the temporary treatment plant
    • Complete wetlands restoration
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  • PCB Soil Excavation Mound Parcel Project – West Coast

    • Design/build of a 1,000 LF shoring system – 24-31 FT long cold-rolled SKZ24 and SKZ31.5 paired sheets, 20-30 feet BGS
    • Stringent traffic control system – active rail lines
    • Site soil erosion and sediment controls including a stormwater bypass system
    • Installation of geotextile and aggregate layer as a working platform for future site development
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  • In-Situ Chemical Oxidation Remediation – North East

    • Bench scale testing – sodium hydroxide activation, quick lime activation, and iron activation
    • Soil mixing with iron activation – natural iron and additional iron-EDTA
    • Stringent dust and odor controls
    • In-situ mixing using a 290-LTC tool carrier equipped with a Dual Axis Blender (DAB) and global positioning system
    • Innovative risk management to confirm the dosages and evaluate performance against performance criteria
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  • PCB and LNAPL Remediation Project – North East

    • Treatment of LNAPL-impacted groundwater with both separation and dissolved phase filtration (150 GPM)
    • Structural support – 500 LF of temporary sheet pile
    • LNAPL Barrier Wall – 295 LF x 25’ deep, EZ88 steel sheet pile
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  • Former SAFR – On-Site Stabilization/Solidification of Lead Impacted Soil- North East

    • Harbor/beachfront setting on an active military base – tidal zones and delineated wetlands
    • Bench scale treatability – mechanical screening, chemical fixation/stabilization, and solidification of the impacted soils
    • Bullet-laden soils mixed with Magnesium Sulfate, homogenized, and screened to < ¾“ and < ¼” to segregate debris from bullet fraction and soils
    • Solidified/encapsulated materials in neat Portland cement to pass TCLP and dispose of as Non-Hazardous daily cover
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