VIASANT has the required resources, expertise and experience to properly execute the implementation of environmental remedial activities for a diverse range of clientele. Soil excavation, waste materials management and site restoration activities are common themes and central components to a number of the environmental remediation projects in VIASANT’s portfolio.  Whether soil and sediment remediation in challenging conditions, onsite treatment programs for heavy metal impacted wastes or consolidation and capping services, VIASANT has successfully managed complex environmental and construction management activities for its clients.

Environmental Remediation

  • Excavation and Source Removal
  • In-situ/Ex-situ Stabilization & Solidification
  • Chemical Fixation Technologies
  • Slurry Walls and Permeable Reactive Barriers
  • Ground Water Remediation
  • Sediment/Wetlands Remediation and Restoration
  • Repository and Containment Construction
  • Landfill Capping and Closure
  • Residential Remediation
  • MGP Site Remediation



Site Remediation Projects

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility-North-East

    • Excavation and off-site disposal of As and PaH contaminated soils
    • Installation of demarcation fabric, select fill materials and vegetative cover
    • Detailed traffic control plan
    • Landscape restoration of all disturbed areas
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  • Porcelain Manufacturing Facility – North-East

    • Excavation and offsite disposal of over 8,000 tons of TPH and liquid asphalt impacted soils
    • Demolished former boiler building prior to excavation
    • Installed over fifty (50) helical piles to a depth of 15 feet bgs
    • Performed all excavation services in the “wet” to avoid costly large volume water disposal
    • Final restoration of the site included a 1 acre 6” asphalt
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  • Multiple Rail Yards – Mid-West

    • Assisted consulting engineer in conducting representative sampling of each site to enable accurate bench scale testing of stabilization reagents
    • Mechanically mixed impacted soil with Magnesium Sulfate based stabilizing agent
    • All work done without interrupting rail yard operation
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  • Superfund Site – North-East

    • Cd, Cr and Semi Volatile Organic contaminants source removal
    • Waste characterization sampling and analysis
    • Impacted soil excavation to depths in excess of 21 feet bgs (GW @ 16’18’)
    • Over 150 subsurface features, 57,000 tons of Non-Hazardous soils, and 22,000 tons of RCRA hazardous soils removed and shipped off-site
    • 70 truck loads of material removed per day
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